Stolen Bike Page

If your bike was stolen, please contact Duke Police at 919-684-2444.

You should also report the details here, i.e. brand, model, color, and any distinctive features of the bike. It is recommended that you take pictures of your ride so if your bike does get stolen, you can post them here and around town. (Just email picture to We also recommend you label your bike somehow so you can identify it as yours (put a piece of paper with your name and address in the handlebars, marker your initials on the frame, etc). You can also get your bike engraved by Duke Police to help prevent your bike from being resold. To schedule an engraving, call (919) 684-5754, go here for more information on engraving. Watch the video about engraving on the parent Park & Lock page.

Here is another website that has a stolen bike page,

9.15.2013 STOLEN FUJI!!!!!

Make: Fuji
Model: Absolute 3.0 (2010 model)
Color: Dark red and black
Other: there are two stickers on the top tube, one is an orange Virginia Tech registration sticker and right below it is a different registration white sticker with three numbers on it. Also has a very small translucent bike light attached to the seat post.
Last seen: locked on my front porch in the Walltown neighborhood of Durham







Stolen: Vintage Cannondale, Black. Not sure if it was and R400, but it looked exactly like the one below. Stolen from NC state campus 2/16/2011. Please keep an eye for this on the streets, craigslist, etc… If you see, just email

r400 cannondale vintage-1


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