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Duke a ‘Bicycle Friendly University’

The League of American Bicyclists recently awarded Duke the status of Bronze Bicycle Friendly University, up from an Honorable Mention last year. That’s great news!

An awesome quote by  Brian Williams, Duke’s Transportation Demand Management Coordinator, in the official announcement: “Over the past six months, we’ve addressed safety on all our roads, adding bike lanes, wide shoulders or sharrows to every street on campus. The BFU award highlights the work of the Duke community to make riding a bike easy.”

Keep biking to the University and let’s all keep advocating for bike issues on campus– maybe we can get to the Silver level within few years!

Read more over at Duke Today!


A CALL TO ACTION urges you to reach out to the Duke Campus Architect and express how much our community wants covered bike racks.

He can be reached at:

(919) 684-0344

After you’ve emailed or called, let us know in the comment section!

This spring, think outside the Triangle

I’m so happy spring is fast approaching. It was a short winter, but it was a winter all the same. I love biking, but it’s hard to enjoy it when the dry cold air makes my lips crack, my nose run and my eyes water. While you wait out the last throes of winter, check out these awesome North Carolina bike routes. Spring break anyone??

Via the NC Department of Transportation:

Amazing information on mountain biking in NC’s state parks:

Detailed information on biking in the Blue Ridge Parkway:

Order maps for longer, cross-country routes:

Save travels!

Pictured: Blue Ridge Parkway in the spring. You know you want in on this.