Navigate the Cold

It’s easy to complain about winter weather, am I right? “It’s too cold”, “It’s too windy”, “I wish it would snow”. But sometimes, it’s nice to look at how other people navigate their winters, and see that we in North Carolina are actually blessed! Spring seems to be coming up on us, and we only had that one (laughable) bit of snow last week! As far as biking is concerned, throw on your underarmour and you’re good as gold around here.

Now check out this cool video about biking Riding Through the Winter in the Midwest during winter. An indoor bike facility has let Milwaukee cyclisits continue to ride in comfort during these cold months, and the new “fat” bike, with wider wheels, has let the real die-hards keep biking on their favorite trails , even in the snow!

After seeing these struggles, don’t you just feel so lucky to live where you do? And which method of biking do you think you’d keep up with in an intense winter: fat bikes, indoor biking, or no biking at all?


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