No Time Like the Present!

I look back on my childhood now and then, as every hard-working college student must, and wonder about how simple everything used to be. The worst part of my everyday used to be eating peas at dinner time. I had only a few worries, and nothing to stress about, or at least nothing of the sort that fills my daily to-do lists now. I never had to think about how I was getting from point A to point B, because so long as my shoes were tied and someone else could drive, I was as good as there.

Counter that to today. I’m continually chasing time: a better time, fun time, and good time, yes, but above all, more time. You might even hear me say, “I’ve got no time to talk!” Really? When did that happen? I can’t remember ever consciously beginning to make it impossible to get from one place to the next even with my (yet to be mastered) skills of apparition and disapparition. So if you were to ask me why I never biked to where I was going, I’d cite my lack of time to commute.

But is this actually correct? Is the commute by bike really so long, or have I just stretched myself so thin that it’s impossible to rely on anything that I don’t consider instant? Lately, my tired eyes have been reluctant to commit to much, and so I’m more likely to agree with this latter position. Plus, it’s not so much that I didn’t have time to commute… I found myself without time to do much of anything.

For me, the decision to start using my bike again wasn’t so much motivated by the environment or a need to exercise and be outdoors. Those things are wonderful, and excellent bonuses to my real goal. But in a larger attempt to slow down and begin to value the present moment, I’ve decided to bike as a way to keep in tune with my needs and wants, without depending on instant access.

And you know what else? Biking even gets me there on time, too.


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