Up to 74% off Puma bikes. Yes, Puma bikes.

Since when did Puma start making bikes? This is the first time I have heard of them, but I’m really not surprised. Puma has always had a creative pulse on items that extend beyond their mainstream footwear. I have been to a few stores in new york and boston, and have always been surprised about what I find in them, including a sweet line of gore-tex jackets. And this is a great deal if you’re looking to get an undoubtely unique bike at a low price.  Below is their hook and here is the link for the deal.  (ends June 7th, 2011)

“Walking takes too long. Driving is expensive. Bussing it is just plain annoying. But biking is juuuust right. Puma helps you rediscover the joy of a two-wheel cruise with its collection of smartly designed (and easy on the eyes) bicycles.

The Company
Puma conceived its bikes with the urban rider in mind. They’re pared down to the bare essentials, so they maneuver like a dream, glide smoothly, and stand the everyday beating of city life. Built by the bike docs at Biomega, each geometrically designed model is named after an island in the Atlantic Ocean. Choose from bright color-block patterns or a more subdued black or white; special features include BMX handlebars and a folding mechanism that reduces the frame by 50 percent for better portability. The bikes come in sizes for men and women, meaning you can get fit, go for a joy ride, and reduce your carbon footprint as a team.

The Offer
$755 Toward a Puma Bike for $199
Once in a while, a Deal comes along that really gets your wheels spinning. Consider this one of them. For $199, you get 755 buckaroos toward the Puma bike of your choice — meaning your Deal voucher alone gets you the Nevis model (a $755 value). But you can also opt to put the $755 toward a more expensive model (the line ranges up to $1,250; all prices include shipping and tax). Either way, you’d better act fast — quantities are quite limited.”


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