Mountain biking in Durham

With Spring upon us, now is the time to put a fresh coat of mud on that mountain bike. Our favorite trail close by Durham has to be Beaverdam, a great combination of intermediate trails with a good 10 mile loop as advanced as any trail you will find in the triangle area. There is also a nice mile long “drop zone” on the advanced south loop to keep your nerves in check.

Beaver Dam is about a 30 min drive from downtown Durham, totally worth the drive. If you looking for a closer ride, check out Little River Regional Park, about 15 minutes from downtown. This is nice intermediate single track ride with good, tight flow through the trees.

Be sure to check or call the parks to make sure the trails are open. They will close before and after rain.

There is also a NEW pump track at Solite Park, right off the American Tobacco Trial. If you dont know what a pump track is, check it out: Solite Park Pump Track


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